Love Mountains ? So Do We

So much so that we setup offtothemountains a mobile, social and IT strategy company working across Europe from UK and the Austrian Mountains.

With a combined 40 years experience of working on high level technical strategies, providing IT solutions for a whole range of sectors from computer gaming to clinical health systems, leading on big (45m+) and little technical procurements, developing mobile applications and providing R&D for various sectors and providing technical leadership we decided to bring our existing skills and excellent track record of delivery of some quite different projects. So long to large corporate solutions and hello to a whole new innovative productive and fun way of working that delivers mobile, social and innovations. We are involved in a number of projects including social media strategy, mobile phone apps for the mountains, content creation for sports sites and project management of social media integration.

Are you looking for a company to make something happen ? just curious about what we do ? Want to learn more about what we can help you achieve ? then lets talk.